These Two Custom Blends Are More Valid Than You Think

At Best Herbal Plus, we often like to talk about the natural methods of improving our brain and body. Indeed, mother nature has provided us with a great bounty and it is a shame to ignore those tools. However, there are plenty of tools that we can use that will help us to improve the quality of our lives that we may have never heard of. Some of these tools actually incorporate (or are derived from) natural products that you and I might love.

In the following article, we are going to talk about two custom blends that have been formulated in different ways to help improve brain health. Some of these are things you may have heard of, but combining these ingredients into what is called a nootropic stack makes a much bigger difference.

Alpha Brain Review

The drug called Alpha Brain is a useful tool to help improve brain health and have a positive impact on the quality of all markers of the brain. One of the ways that this drug can help is by using ingredients like L-tyrosine, which help to increase dopamine levels. By increasing the dopamine, Alpha Brain is able to better impact mood and help people feel less anxious or depressed. There are other ingredients that are in Alpha Brain as well and many of them were actually utilized in a recent study.

Most people who are working in a professional setting could use something to improve their brain health and Alpha Brain is usually a good option to do so. Here is a quick link about Alpha Brain you can read about: You will find through here that there are all types of people talking about the alpha brain benefits and side effects online. Here is one video.


Another drug that is not well known is called CILTEP. This is a drug that can improve memory and mental performance in a number of different ways. The vast majority of people who are using this type of drug don’t realize that they can do so without any kind of negative effects. It was a drug that was developed by the community so it has a lot more legitimacy for improving brain health. You can find a CILTEP review article if you click here.

You can also find a video on the topic here: